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This is where we connect directly with our users and allow you to keep up to date with the latest features and developments of Kingdom Market. After all, we exist for the community we serve.

November 2023: Bohemia Market refugees welcome on Kingdom Market

It is now clear to everyone that Bohemia Market is in the process of a slow exit scam, with trusted platforms such as Dread, Tor.Fish, DarkNetLive and Torhoo all putting out warnings or delisting the market entirely. We therefore invite both buyers and vendors to come across to Kingdom Market.

We have now been trading for almost 3 years and pride ourselves in offering the best possible service to everyone who uses our platform. We are offering waivers for established Bohemia vendors and those from other respected platforms such as Incognito Market, Archetyp Market and Abacus Market. We hope to see you soon!

July 2023: ASAP Market retires peacefully

We would like to thank and congratulate the ASAP Market team (particularly their lead admins LeChacal and AStrike) following their announcement to retire peacefully. This the model all darknet markets should follow, and when the time comes for Kingdom Market to call it a day, we fully intend to fully suit. Rest assured, we're not going anywhere any time soon though!

We would like to extend an invitation to any buyers looking for a new darknet market to call home to give Kingdom Market a try. We offer a wide array of features including support for 3 cryptocurrencies (BTC, XMR and LTC), direct pay and fast automatic withdrawals. You can find our link below:

March 2023: Kingdom Market celebrates its second birthday!

Just two years ago on March 21st 2021 Kingdom Market began its darknet journey, and we've since grown to become one of the largest darknet markets, with over 23,000 listings and thousands of new orders every single day.

We value every single member who has joined us, particularly those who stood by us during challenging times such as during the DDOS attacks we faced several months ago which limited access to the market for several days. We fought back and improved our protection and proved to everyone that we're here to stay! We are a truly independent market that is not part of the 'cartel' of rinse and repeat exit scammers, and we look forward to being here for many years to come.

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